At SmogShoppe
Jan 30, 2009
Los Angeles, California

We had just finished SmogShoppe and I was jonesing to smudge the space with a séance involving dancing – wouldn’t it be cool to be on Soul Train getting down the Soul Tracks for all the world to see?

So, Sherry and I called in all of our most favorite freaks to come together and make a Shiner within SmogShoppe’s living walls where no one could see us but on TV.

Special thanks (in no particular order) to: Ryan Heffington (choreography), Jonathan Krisel (video), Zach Cowie & Peter Klein (sound and music), Jeff Fleming (lighting), Rya Kleinpeter & Holly Vesecky (sculptural interventions), Danielle Motor (moonshine), Alex Antebi (Lincoln Continental), Barry Maiten (LAPD vehicle), Suren Seron (equipment), Shawn Smith and Jeanine Lund (photography), Gina Corell (birthday heat), Chad Brown (barrytone) and Leo Valentine Nelson (preventing Sherry Walsh from attending).

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