Jolly Night at the Races


Jolly Night at the Races

At The Old Marvijuana Factory
February 19, 2016
Los Angeles, California
  • Animal Pipes Photo Miguel Nelson
  • Racing Photo gustavo turner
  • Freeman Photo gustavo turner
  • Halls of Mystery Photo elon schoenholz
  • Race Flowers Photo elon schoenholz
  • Jumping Julep Photo elon schoenholz


A dozen Los Angeles artists will repurpose a 16,000 square foot, derelict marijuana factory and present a one night only gesamtkunstwerk involving indoor horse racing, mint juleps, music, spontaneous choreographed dancing, site-specific installation, sculpture, painting and detritus. All work will serve and further implicate the evening’s highly participatory activities.

Guests are encouraged to dress as ladies/gents, register to jockey and race around an uneven, slightly obstacled, 100 yard indoor race track while balancing Joshua Beckman’s miniature ceramic race horses on antique silver spoons and drinking Miguel Nelson’s mint juleps from Tony Brown’s hand crafted cups. If anyone drops their horse or spills their drink, they’ll be disqualified. The winning horse will have its jockeys’ names inscribed on Gioj De Marco’s trophy and receive Hollyflora prizes. Chris Natrop’s illuminating site-specific installation, Miguel Nelson’s intoxicating Mint Julep bar and Umar Rashid’s musical bandstand will share the racetrack center. Edwina Nelson’s series of delicate, racehorse naming paintings, Gioj De Marco’s trophy manger and a jockey registration table will be installed opposite the track.

In between races, guests will dance the racetrack in spontaneously choreographed fashion to live and recorded music by Chad Brown, Umar Rashid and Cap Gun Holdups. Guests will also take self-guided tours through an adjacent, dark and abandoned, hundred year old boarding house where Tony Brown’s transformed artifacts, gleaned from the premises, will be showcased. The Let’s Be Frank gourmet hotdog truck will be on site to refuel jockeys.

The aftermath will be on view by appointment Feb 20 – March 5.

From 2005 to 2009, Marvimon Presents produced the infamous, celebrity chef driven, Secret Restaurant series and other conceptual soirees including: Arctic Landscape, Quiet Kissing, The Rapture of Ukiyo Morisake, Hot Lady Heaven, Zaratexperience, Baby’s All Grown Up, LACE Foodyteria, FOCA Suspended Animation, Banana Daiquiri Séance and Shiner. These events conflated desires and interests of participating artists and audience. Jolly Night at the Races will be the first Marvimon Presents moment since 2009. See more at


Joshua Beckman, Chad Brown, Tony Brown, Gioj De Marco, Chuck Moffit, Chris Natrop, Edwina Nelson, Miguel Nelson, Umar Rashid, Hollyflora, and The Capgun Holdups


Jolly Night at the Races will be the only race of its kind in history, and rumor has it that the mint juleps will be out of this world.


Friday, February 19th, 8pm to Midnight (The Race) confirmed RSVPs only

Saturday, February 20th – Saturday March 5th (The Aftermath Exhibition) by appointment only


The Old Marijuana Factory, 614 East 4th Street, Los Angeles CA 90013


Street parking and pay lot parking is available within a 5 minute walk; however, Jolly Night at the Races urges guests to carpool, Uber or taxi if they intend to drink. For more information, call or email Miguel Nelson. MORE INFO HERE


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